What is mealstream anyways?

Good thing you're asking! mealstream is the new social network for foodies.

To share food online is becoming more and more popular these days. With mealstream we now have a place that only cares about food. No matter if you cooked a great meal yourself, found something exciting at a street fair or want to share your favorite restaurant dish, mealstream is the place to put it. You can easily take a picture of the meal, use some cool filters if you want, describe the meal as elaborate as you want and then permanently save it for you and share it with your fellow foodie friends.

It's time to stream your meal!


• Cool effects that can be applied to the live picture
• Links to Facebook and Twitter
• Follow your friends and new food acquaintances
• Push-notifications whenever something interesting happens
• Choose the restaurant or location where you are having the meal
• Compatible to iPhone and iPod touch
• Mobile website for all other mobile devices
• Needs iOS 5 or later

iPhone Screenshots

The stream

Ein neues meal erfassen

Menü zum Bearbeiten und Teilen